Small Faith Communities

The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic of grand. They are moments when we touch one another, when we are there in the most attentive or caring way. This simple and profound intimacy is the love we all long for.

-Jack Kornfield, American Author



What is a Small Faith Community?

A Small Faith Community (sometimes called a Small Christian Community, a Small Church Community, or in Spanish, Comunidad de base) is a group of 8-12 adults who gather together in homes to share their life experiences and to grow in their faith.   A Small Faith Community is a smaller, more intimate experience of church.  Small Faith Communities provide a safe place where you can be open and honest.

Who is invited to join a SFC?

You are invited to be part of this exciting and enriching model of parish life!  Anyone who would enjoy the benefits of belonging to a SFC is welcome.

 What are the benefits?

Here are just a few:

  • feeling like you belong to the parish
  • having the opportunity to be listened to in a trusting and non-judgmental atmosphere
  • making the connection between what we believe—what we celebrate at Mass—and your own life
  • having your abilities and talents encouraged and appreciated
  • feeling supported during trying times and sharing joys during the happy times
  • deepening your faith and your relationship with Jesus Christ
  • finding ways to serve the parish and the wider community as an individual and as a group

What is the importance of joining a SFC today?

Catholic parishes are meant to foster an experience of love and an experience of faith.  In a large parish like St. Thomas Aquinas, that can be a challenge.  Among so many, it is easy to feel isolated and alone.  Gathering in Small Faith Communities allows the church to become smaller and more intimate. These communities offer what everyone desires:  the experience of being known and being loved.  SFCs also offer an experience of faith.  We all have faith, but most of us need help from others to learn to trust the faith within us and learn to recognize and describe our experience of faith.  The more our experiences of faith and love are shared—and this can only happen in a small group—the more we notice God and God's call to be church for one another.  SFCs enable us to be who we are—the loved and cherished faith-filled people of God.

What is faith sharing? It is the simple sharing of our experience that gives us the opportunity to reflect on and recognize God’s activity and presence in our daily lives.

What about the programs used by the groups? Groups begin with Come as You Are, a 12 session program that is an invitation to slow down and become more reflective about life.  It helps people connect with one another beyond the usual “news, weather, and sports” conversations so that they will want to stay together and go beyond this introductory program.   

How do Small Faith Communities remain connected to the parish? Each group has a leader who keeps the community connected to the parish just as the pastor is the connector to the diocesan church and the bishop is the connector to the Pope and the universal church.  The pastor and staff meet with the leaders regularly.

When may I join a Small Faith Community? New groups are formed each year in January and begin meeting in early February. 


Adult Faith Formation & Evangelization Coordinator