“Stewards acknowledge God as Creator and Owner of all and shares gifts out of love for God and one another.”



As Catholics, we are called to recognize that everything we have, everything we can do is the result, in one way or another, of a gift we have received from God. If you can take some time now and start counting your blessings, you will realize how gifted and blessed you are. Living with joy and gratitude for the received blessings introduces us to a lifestyle called Stewardship. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops defines Stewardship as “an expression of discipleship, with the power to change how we understand and live our lives.”

Sharing our gifts of talents, time and treasure is a way to live like Jesus who did not keep anything for him and gave up all He had and died to make us whole.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish invites you to walk our journey of living this lifestyle and offers you a process of learning about and practicing stewardship through our web site, weekly bulletin and in campus conferences.

Our Parish offers you the option to make your weekly, monthly or annual donation electronically or by the traditional envelopes you receive by mail.

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Director of Discipleship & Stewardship



Budget Week Nbr. 50   51   52   53
Date 06/08/20   06/15/20   06/22/20   06/29/20
Offertory Collections $19,214.56   $16,885.57   $15,317.07   $19,484.00
Online Giving $18,135.33   $14,053.00   $16,082.00   $15,755.00
Total Weekly Offertory $37,349.89   $30,938.57   $31,399.07   $35,239.00
Budget for Week $33,000.00   $33,000.00   $33,000.00   $33,000.00
Weekly Variance $4,349.89   -$2,061.43   -$1,600.93   $2,239.00
YTD Offertory $1,951,199.24   $1,982,137.81   $2,013,536.88   $2,048,775.88
YTD Budget $2,201,000.00   $2,234,000.00   $2,267,000.00   $2,300,000.00
YTD Variance -$249,800.76   -$251,862.19   -$253,463.12   -$251,224.12

Stewardship Saints of the Month

This month we highlight two of the great stewards of our faith, Saints Peter and Paul, commemorated on June 29. The two apostles are celebrated together as the founders of the early Church of Rome.

 St. Peter held a preeminent status among Jesus’ disciples. He was very close to Jesus and is the apostle Jesus designated as the “rock” upon which his Church would be built. Even St. Paul acknowledged St. Peter as the pillar of the Church in Jerusalem. The Gospel of St. Luke describes Jesus commissioning St. Peter as the head of the disciples. In the first of his letters contained in the New Testament, St. Peter penned the stewardship reflection placed so prominently in the United States Bishops’ pastoral letter on Christian stewardship: “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Pt. 4:10).
Stay tuned next week for more on Sts. Peter & Paul.

From Catholic Stewardship

Expanding Generosity 

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church is filled with faithful, devoted, and generous families that have made the growth and progress of our community possible for almost 50 years. Today, we need to come forward and continue offering our support to realize our parish mission of “Welcoming everyone to proclaim and live the joy of the Gospel,” while keeping social distance for the times we are currently facing.

We invite you to continue apportioning your gifts and tides via regular mail or dropping in the black box outside the office or, even more secure, the online giving through our web site or the new application on your smartphone. 

Upcoming Second Collections

July 12 | Mission Cooperative Program
July 19 | St. Vincent de Paul - STA
July 26 | Maintenance Fund


Understanding the current situation, we pray to the Lord to provide for all of us and keep us safe from every evil that can harm our bodies, minds, or soul. We are extremely grateful for your giving to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. Our Lord keeps your light shining and leading the way.