Faith Formation

Welcoming everyone to proclaim and live the joy of the Gospel.




Faith Formation Registration is now OPEN!
We are excited to announce a new Faith Formation option which is based on the success of our Families Together program that we are calling “Growing in Faith Together” (GIFT). GIFT will be our primary Faith Formation option for 2020-2021. Please click here for more about the program and registration information 

You can register in two ways:

  1. *NEW* Virtual Registration: Register and pay online
  2. Print, fill out, and return your completed registration form with payment to St. Thomas Aquinas
    • Via mail to the STA Faith Formation 535 Rucker Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30004
    • In person in an envelope labeled FF Registration at the main Parish Office
    • In person to the greeters at the drive-through portico when you come for a Sunday outdoor Mass.

We are looking forward to a fruitful year of learning and sharing faith with you and your family.

¡El registro de formación de fe ya está ABIERTO!
Nos complace anunciar una nueva opción de Formación en la Fe que se basa en el éxito de nuestro programa Familias Juntas. Llamamos a esta nueva opción “Creciendo juntos en la Fe” En inglés “Growing in Faith Together” (GIFT).Como parroquia, hemos elegido seguir las pautas de la Arquidiócesis. Esto nos impide ofrecer sesiones tradicionales de formación en la fe en el aula para grupos de niños, así como la formación en la fe basada en la Catequesis del Buen Pastor. Esperamos poder ofrecer estas opciones en 2021-2022.

Consulte el sitio web de nuestra Parroquia para obtener más información sobre el programa y la información de registro.
Podrán registrarse de varias maneras:

  1. *NUEVO* Registro virtual: regístrese y pague en línea 
  2. Imprima, complete y devuelva su formulario de registro completo con el pago a St. Thomas Aquinas
    • Vía mailto a STA Faith Formation 535 Rucker Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30004
    • En persona en un sobre etiquetado Registro FF en la oficina principal de la parroquia
    • En persona a los que saludan en el pórtico de autoservicio cuando vienen a una misa dominical al aire libre.

Esperamos tener un año fructífero en aprendizaje y compartir la fe con ustedes y sus familias.

We at St. Thomas Aquinas are proud of our comprehensive faith formation program, in both English and Spanish, which features a total family

approach: From the most rambunctious 3-year-old to the most thoughtful adult, the whole family participates in faith formation at one hour, and then worships together at another, preserving the essential link between worship and catechesis.

Actually, consideration of faith formation and religious education should properly begin with adult catechesis. The dying and rising of Christ, the heart of our faith, must be confronted (and sometimes for the first time) in adulthood. A second-grade or eighth-grade or high school understanding of faith is simply not sufficient for the mature Christian. We change, the circumstances of our lives change, and the questions we bring to the gospel and Catholic tradition are different in every season of our lives.

Parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith, and parents cannot give what they do not have. But adult faith formation is not solely for the sake of children. Faith is not primarily a set of propositions to be learned once for a lifetime, but a relationship with the living God, which, like all relationships, must constantly be nurtured if it is to thrive.  This ongoing faith development is an imperative for all adult Catholics.

And so it is at St. Thomas Aquinas that, without sacrificing excellence in our faith formation and religious education for young people, we as a parish are committed to the priority of adult faith formation.

St. Thomas Aquinas offers a rich complement of faith formation opportunities for everyone.  Please see individual pages for each program.