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Pastoral Executive Assistant Job Description


Title:                Pastoral Executive Assistant – Part-time (maximum 1456 hours/year)

Status:             Exempt

Reports to:       Pastor


General Description: The role of the Pastoral Administrative Assistant is to provide assistance to primarily the Pastor and secondly to the Parochial Vicar’s and Deacons in matters that pertain to the Sacramental life of the parish.  Confidentiality, diplomacy, discretion, and judgment are vital qualities for this position.


Primary Job Responsibilities: Assist the Pastor in all matters and resolving such matters as scheduling his appointments, typing liturgy schedules, coordinating meetings, screening/handling phone calls to the pastoral offices, be a liaison between the pastor, parish and staff, maintain sacramental records.


Detailed Job Responsibilities:

1. Pastoral Assistance

  • Keep the Pastor’s calendar, schedule appointment and meetings and “shield” the pastor from unnecessary interruptions.
  • Prepare routine correspondence, thank you notes, letters from the Pastor, Parochial Vicars and Deacons when necessary. 
  • Prepare documents for pastor’s signature on a timely manner, this includes Sacramental records, Parish Verification forms, Sponsor forms, and miscellaneous letters.
  • Record and process sacraments that have taken place at St. Thomas Aquinas. Enter in the Sacramental Registries, PS, and send notification to place of baptism.
  • Produce, post, and share monthly mass calendars. Find supply priests when necessary. 
  • During office hours take sacramental emergency calls and direct to either available clergy or find another parish to cover.
  • Support Director of Liturgy with matters that require Priests/Deacons i.e., Penance, meetings, trainings and EMOC certificates.

2. Office Support:

  • Plan and manage staff meetings, staff prayers and other staff gathering such as annual Christmas party or special requests by the Pastor.
  • Handles many phone calls and visitors seeking information concerning parish, sacraments, Catholic Church practices and procedures.
  • Hold Administration Visa card.  Reconcile and turn in to bookkeeper.

3. Sacrament Support-- Wedding/Baptism

  • Serve as initial point of contact for wedding and baptism inquiries.
  • Keep and maintain preparation materials up to date and replenished. Materials include wedding envelopes, forms, sacramental preparation books, spreadsheets, and class schedules.
  • Shepard wedding/baptism process and communicate with appropriate contacts such as music directors, Director of Liturgy, deacons, wedding coordinators and baptism catechists.
  • Record all weddings and baptisms in the Sacramental Register and produce certificates.


Role Related Values & Skills

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with STA Priests, Deacons and Archdiocesan clergy.
  • Listen to and serve parishioners in a hospitable office environment.
  • Refer other staff to assist, if appropriate.
  • Respect all, especially the demanding parishioner.
  • Honor confidentiality of all private information.
  • Maintain a professional work area.
  • Be an effective team member of the staff and work cooperatively with other staff members.


  • Strong working knowledge of Catholic Church and Catholic teaching
  • Strong human relations and effective communications skills.
  • Displays thoughtfulness to others, understands different viewpoints of parish members, and always uses good judgment.
  • Is emotionally and physically able to perform duties required of assignment.
  • Personal dress and appearance should be appropriate to the business and ministry of the church.
  • Exhibits loyalty and confidentiality in all working relationships with the parishioners, the pastor, and other contacts.
  • Professional and proficient in Microsoft Office, Parish Soft (ability to be trained), and necessary technology essential for duties required of assignment.
  • Filing, organizational, and record keeping skills, attention to details.
  • Ability to plan, organize, prioritize while meeting deadlines and maintain flexibility.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) required

Expected Hours

  • Tuesday-Friday – 8:30am – 4pm with 30 minutes non-paid lunch
    • 28 work hours per week*

*Due to nature of job and that it is exempt position, some work will be required off hours, weekends, and holidays to ensure the Parish and clergy needs are updated and managed. Employee is responsible to manage hours to an average of 28 per week over a calendar year.

  • Laptop will be provided to allow log in from home or work from home if needed.

St Thomas Aquinas is an equal opportunity employer. Email all resumes and inquires to [email protected].