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The Big Picture

We have to look at The Big Picture.  The Big Picture is what “it” is all about.   The Big Picture gives us an overview, it sets priorities for us, it gives us perspective, it keeps The Main Thing the “Main” Thing and First Things First, developing high level relationships.  With The Big Picture in mind we can forget minor tasks, delegate responsibilities, say “no” more often (because whatever task we are saying “no” to doesn’t fit into The Big Picture), not consider details that don’t matter, declutter our lives by throwing away those things that don’t fit into The Big Picture.  Paradoxically, we must engage our minds in Big Picture thinking to have a laser like focus – thinking Globally to Act Locally, keeping our eyes on the prize with our feet on the ground.  Big Picture thinking allows us to take it all in, to not miss the forest for the trees, to create maximum scope, to look at the whole “ball of wax”, the sum total, a world view, a universal outlook.  Big Picture thinking gets us out of a moment and into THE moment, the point of contact, where the rubber hits the road, the flashpoint, the genesis, the Center Ring.

And make no mistake, we are talking about THE Big Picture; framed or unframed, in context or out, it is still THE Big Picture; not the BIG picture or the big picTURE but THE Big Picture. 

We need to come together to develop Big Picture Culture, a group of like minded individuals who understand Big Picture Thinking within Big Picture Culture to keep THE Big Picture front and center.

Admittedly, other well meaning and intelligent individuals have some large pictures in their own circus sideshows.  Those large pictures may be watercolor or oils, guache or pen and ink – some of surprising skill and technique that are alluring with their attractive and eye catching subject matter.  There are many people out there pointing to any number of large pictures with their “feel good” messages of promises of relief, wisdom, knowledge or unlimited prosperity.  In fact, there is a guy in Cleveland who claims to be able to see a world in a grain of sand and a Heaven in a wildflower.  How ridiculous!  A grain of sand is very tiny!  It couldn’t contain a small still life much less a large picture!  I’m mean, there is a guy who can draw an entire scene from the Bible on a grain of rice but you need a microscope to see it and that would definitely take your eye off THE Big Picture.

Another guy I heard of in Cincinnati claims to have a picture that includes Weather and Astrological Predictions which certainly makes for a very large picture.  He sells it at Barnes and Nobles for $129.99.  Expensive, but you get free shipping.

Other folks have enormous pictures that take in miles and miles of inspiring landscapes of philosophy, science and cooking classes that are dazzling.  From these pictures some think they can derive wisdom and understanding to a level never achieved previously.  To be sure, these are gigantic pictures.  These Enormous Picture People think they know it all, that they have the answer, hold the key, gleaning wisdom from every study and ultimate knowledge from their enormous pictures of education.

Big Picture Culture knows better.  It sees THE Big Picture.  THE Big Picture can’t be bought, sold, undersold, given, inherited, folded, spindled, mutilated, coerced, comingled, contextualized, hood-winked, bamboozled, duped, deluded, bluffed, hoaxed, gulled or finagled!

That’s what makes The Big Picture THE Big Picture.  THE Big Picture can be photographed, imitated, copied, xeroxed, reprinted, photostatted, carbon copied and mimeographed – but those would only be some very big pictures, not THE Big Picture.  Why can’t everyone see THE Big Picture?

I’m happy to have this opportunity to speak with fellow Big Picture People.  We really have to stick together, you know.  It would be a wonder to have everyone join Big Picture Culture.  It really is the only one.  It’s THE Big Picture.

This is the first Blog for the Saint Thomas Aquinas Music Page.  I appreciate you reading down to the bottom.  Next week there may even be something about music in this Blog.  Or there may not.

I haven’t quite decided.

Eric Alexander

Your Friendly Neighborhood Choir Director


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