August 2020 archive of Amen Corner

August 2020 archive of Amen Corner

Amen Corner - August 30, 2020

Posted by Kathy Kuczka on 8/31/20

When my cousin Jackie called that Friday morning, I knew the news would be sad. He called to tell me of the death of my Uncle Jack, who had been ill. I went home for my uncle’s funeral, which took place at my home parish in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Before the funeral, I felt sad and anxious. Uncle Jack was also my godfather and my last surviving uncle. But when the liturgy began, I became more at ease. The familiarity of the prayers, the symbols, and the gestures brought me comfort. The structure of the rituals helped me to stay focused. The community that gathered in prayer reminded me that I was not alone in my grief. When the liturgy ended, my spirit was uplifted and my soul was at ... Read More »

Amen Corner - August 16, 2020

Posted by Kathy Kuczka on 8/17/20

The Faithful Seek God's Mercy Click here for this weeks' Amen Corner.

Amen Corner - August 9, 2020

Posted by Kathy Kuczka on 8/10/20

Events surrounding the confederate flag and confederate monuments continue to spur emotional debates. It has been over one hundred fifty years since the end of the Civil War, and decades since Confederate monuments and statues were erected across the country. However, as we have witnessed in the past ... Read More »

Amen Corner - August 2, 2020

Posted by Kathy Kuczka on 8/04/20

"Can I get an amen?" That is a question that was often asked during the homilies of our former pastor--then Monsignor David Talley. Talley, who is now the Bishop of the Diocese of Memphis, Tennessee, was raised in the Southern Baptist faith tradition, where such appeals are more common.

The word amen is used in all major faith traditions, and like words such as Alleluia and Hosanna, amen is never translated into another language. The word is believed to have its roots in Hebrew and means certainty or truth. Found throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, it was used to express agreement or ... Read More »


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