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Amen Corner - September 11, 2022

What has no beginning, middle or end, and has been with our parish for more than 50 years? If you guessed a donuts, you are correct! Terry Zobel our director of Adult Initiation recalls the first time she and her husband Bob worshiped with the community which was then meeting in Mimosa School in the late 1960s. “We walked in the main doors of the school and there was a long cafeteria table. Behind the table stood two women with a gigantic coffee pot and donuts and that’s how we were greeted. I thought, this just can’t be a Catholic Church, it was just so different.”

That kind of downhome hospitality has continued throughout the years at St. Thomas Aquinas where parishioners have met one another and have forged close friendships over a cup of coffee or a pastry. Parishioner Sandra Long says coffee and donuts helped her to connect to other parishioners. “When I first joined the parish, it gave me a place to meet people. My son Brandon would eat a few donuts, I would have half a bagel and a cup of coffee and people would just come up and start talking to me. That’s how I started getting more engaged with the parish.”

That memory prompted Sandra to lead the effort to bring coffee and donuts back after a long hiatus. Coffee and donuts will be served in the gathering area (near the Parish Hall) on the second and fourth Sundays of the month following the 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Masses. For $1 parishioners will get a donut, milk and/or juice, and of course coffee. Don’t have a dollar? Don’t worry. No one will be turned away, but it is hoped that this ministry will sustain itself. There is a donation box exclusively for coffee and donuts on the wall near the small kitchen in the gathering area so that anyone wishing to contribute can do so at anytime.

So if you are at the 8:00 or the 10:00 Mass Sunday, stop by after Mass, have a cup of coffee and a  donut, engage with your 
fellow parishioners, and reach out to someone you don’t know. For more information or to help this ministry to grow, contact Sandra Long,


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